Have a Good One

What's up this weekend? My husband, Stephen, returned from a work trip, so Elise and I are anticipating outside family time. In other jaw:

These all-purpose summer sandals are Elise's outdoor necessity.

Taking direction is also an outdoor necessity, so this resonates with me.

The Thirty Million Words Initiative's founder wrote a book. More info here.

Also, here are 12 short stories so brief you have no excuse to ignore them.

For additional reading, check out A Love of Sentences.

Referencing fairytales, this article claims Brits tell better children's stories.

My coffee-loving heart rejoices in this high school barista program.

But. This study predicts coffee extinction if climate change progresses.

On a different note, this Saturday is National Rosé Day. Well dang.

Heroes of this publicized story should be recognized among the mugshots.

Have a good one. Try to relax and get outside.

(Image by Jamie Davis Smith via The Huffington Post)

Butter in Coffee

Heard of Bulletproof Coffee? The Tibetan custom of mixing butter with caffeine isn't new, but Bulletproof recently popularized the practice in America. Mixing quality coffee with unsalted, grass-fed butter and MCT oil supposedly improves energy and focus while satiating hunger.

There's an official recipe, but variations on buttery java abound. There's even an all-in-one soluble version of the concoction called Coffee Blocks. Some foodies add vanillaraw honey, or stevia drops to enhance the beverage's flavor.

I wonder if this juju is a bone fide energy drink or just snake oil. Thoughts?

(Images via Phickle)